Raves - tworivers
"Thank you so much for taking our wedding pictures yesterday!! You and your wife were great!! I can't wait to see how they turned out. I'm sure they are amazing!!" --- Breyana Chenoweth
"I love the pictures! Thanks again! Now to start picking out my Favorites..." -- Kendra Cowser
"Its almost been one year since our wedding, and we can't thank you enough for our amazing pictures that are decorating our home! THANKS!!!" -- Jennifer Giudici
"I am speechless.............these are FANTASTIC!!!!!" -- Bette Petit Norris
"This album does an awesome job of capturing how beautiful and fun this wedding was!." -- Rachael Jeanette Speckman
"They look amazing!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!! Thank you again for making it so much more amazing." -- Kara-Marie Birch
"You did an awesome job! So glad the kids found you to do their wedding. You and your wife were so patient and awesome. I have to say, you have a GREAT eye for what works! Thanks again for making Kara-Marie Birch and Brad Birch's day even better!" -- Rhonda Alloway Broskin
Dear Todd, Thank you so much for all your hard work to capture all of our wedding moments. We truly appreciate all the time you took to make sure you captured every special detail of our wedding. And thank you to Lisa, also, for helping with all the fluffing and details! We are so grateful! Sincerely, Elizabeth and John Dentlinger
"All the pictures you have posted are amazingggg! Thank you so much! :)" -- Kayla Norris